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How to contribute (some sort of tutorial)?


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27 February 2009 at 3:34pm Forum Moderator, 5511 Posts

point the core devs normally means finding their emails and emailing it to them or stalking them on IRC.. *hides for cover*.

It looks like a pretty in depth article. We are planning on rewriting the current wiki but in the mean time I think it would be fine to include this on the wiki. It is more of a guide then a recipe as such so you might like to make a page 'Guide to making a contact page' or something similar.

Couple points: in #1 you have $information in the getCMSFields. You could use static $defaults = array('Information' => 'whatever'); rather then put it in getcmsfields. Other thing just looking at the first page would be is to have your code available as a zip download

Good Work


27 February 2009 at 3:43pm Administrator, 679 Posts

I've emailed this to Sig, Andrew, and Ingo to have a read over. It looks like a great piece of work, good job! :-)


28 February 2009 at 12:43am (Last edited: 28 February 2009 12:45am), Forum Moderator, 1091 Posts

Thanks guys...

Willr - yeah, using the $defaults array would probably be better. I'm working up to a multilingual version (#4) and I can't use the translate function in the declaration, so that would mean adding more code later on. I will add your comment, and try to figure out the correct workaround... :-) You're right, I could add the zipcode, but it keeps changing a lot along the way...

I'm using this ContactForm as 'hook' for all kinds of other explorations, so it'll probably go on for a while. It's a a work in progress and I'm learning as I go, so I'm not writing this from a retrospective point of view. There will always be better ways of doing things, (think #2) but they're sometimes not so easy to spot when you're starting. My goals are: I have to understand what I'm doing, it must work and existing code must never be altered.

I appreciate anyone looking through my ramblings and finding faults an giving tips :-) As to adding it to the wiki: point is I'm altering and adding things and pages as I go. The wiki seems to be a lot more 'stable' then that...