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Filtering TreeMultiSelect Field




30 May 2014 at 8:17am (Last edited: 30 May 2014 8:17am), Community Member, 528 Posts

I'm using a TreeMultiSelctField to manage a $many_many relation. I'm trying to limit TreeMultiselectField to a certain Page class

$treeField = TreeMultiselectField::create("Communities","Communities","Community","ID","Title");

The above code returns the entire site tree and not just 'Commiunity' pages. Bellow is teh code for the realtions

class RMSBlogExtension extends DataExtension {

   private static $many_many = array(
      "Communities" => "Community"

class BlogCommunityExtension extends DataExtension {
   private static $belongs_many_many = array(
      "BlogEntries" => "BlogEntry"


Not sure if the issue is that they're both DataExtentions or if I'm doinf something else wrong