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Form Questions

Did something change in form action execution ?


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5 July 2009 at 12:58am Community Member, 16 Posts


I see in the wiki that action methods looked like this:

function doform($data, $form) {
// ... you already made this ...

but in 2.3.2 they seam to be executed like this:

function doform($httpRequest) {
// ... you already made this ...

is this the new default behavior or em I missing something?


5 July 2009 at 11:00am Forum Moderator, 5511 Posts

No this hasn't changed. You should still use doForm($data, $form) for 2.3 sites. If some has updated the documentation with that change then it is wrong. A major API change like this would not be part of a point release like 2.3.2.


5 July 2009 at 12:45pm (Last edited: 5 July 2009 12:45pm), Community Member, 16 Posts

Hmmm then I don't understand something.
My action methods seam to be called with only the HttpRequest argument.
I look in the the Controller.php to check this and I also see:

   function handleAction($request) {


      // run & init are manually disabled, because they create infinite loops and other dodgy situations
      if($this->checkAccessAction($this->action) && !in_array(strtolower($this->action), array('run', 'init'))) {
         if($this->hasMethod($methodName)) {
            $result = $this->$methodName($re;'quest);

shouldn't the line

$result = $this->$methodName($request);

look somewhat like this

$result = $this->$methodName($data, $form);

or em I looking in the wrong place ?


7 July 2009 at 11:21am Community Member, 16 Posts

Just found what caused my problem :)

I don't know why but I added my doform method to the $allowed_actions variable. Sorry for the false alarm.

Meanwhile while doing my first bigger form I stumbled for a few hours with another mistake of mine. I didn't make the form name the same as the name of the controller method that generates it. Could you add a remark on the wiki about this like:

   function Form() {
      return new Form($this,
         // the name of the form MUST be the same
         // as the name of the method that generates it
         new FieldSet(

otherwise the $form argument won't get initialized properly in the doform method.