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displaying random images on page


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15 June 2010 at 4:23am Community Member, 103 Posts


From elsewhere on the forums I've put together this function:

function RandomImages(){

$items = DataObject::get("Image","ParentID=6", false, "")->toArray();
$random_images = new DataObjectSet();
while($random_images->Count() <=1)
$random_index = rand(0,sizeof($items)-1);
$random_images->push($items[$random_index]); //<-Problematic line of code
return $random_images;

and I'm displaying them in my template like so:

<% control RandomImages %>
<a class="thickbox" href="$Filename" >
<img src="<% control SetWidth(220) %>$URL<% end_control %>" alt="$Title" />
<% end_control %>

My pages display properly most of the time, however every once in a while I will get an error '[Notice] Undefined Offset'. I suspect that the problem might be that it only occurs when the same random value is chosen twice in a row and that the 'unset($items[$random_index]);' line is what is causing the error. Once taking this line out, I cannot recreate the error, but instead on occasion I get the same 2 pictures on the page. What would be the proper way to avoid the same random numbers?



4 March 2011 at 12:18am Community Member, 126 Posts

in case someone's still interested:
using 'unset' won't rearrange the indexes in the array. use array_splice instead.


4 March 2011 at 1:13am Community Member, 215 Posts

function RandomImages(){
$limit = 50;
$items = DataObject::get("Image", "ParentID=6", "RAND()", null, $limit);
return $items;


4 March 2011 at 2:05am Community Member, 126 Posts

i guess this will give you duplicates, no?


7 May 2011 at 3:02am (Last edited: 7 May 2011 3:04am), Community Member, 37 Posts

"in case someone's still interested:
using 'unset' won't rearrange the indexes in the array. use array_splice instead.

the link is no best... i think...

Not understand how relolve problem with array_splice MY CASE:

function RandomPerguntasItems()
      $items = $this->Problemas()->toArray();
      $random_perguntas = new DataObjectSet();

      while($random_perguntas->Count() <= ($list_dim-1) )
         $random_index = rand(0,sizeof($items)-1);
         array_splice($items , count($items), 5 );
         //if($items[$random_index]< $random_perguntas->Count()){$random_perguntas->Count() + $items[$random_index];}
      return $random_perguntas;