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ComplexTableField content


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14 July 2011 at 9:29am (Last edited: 14 July 2011 9:45am), Community Member, 28 Posts

Hello everyone. I have a question, I know how I have to do that when I add data in a table does not add inches to the other pages too, meaning that each record is displayed only in that table. Thank you very much, I leave the code:


class NuevoEquipo extends NuevaZona {

static $db = array(
'Pos' => 'Int',
'PJ' => 'Int',
'PG' => 'Int',
'PE' => 'Int',
'PP' => 'Int',
'GF' => 'Int',
'GC' => 'Int',
'DG' => 'Int',
'Puntos' => 'Int',
'Nro' => 'Int'//,
// 'Nombre' => 'text',
// 'PJ_jugad' => 'Int',
// 'PG_jugad' => 'Int',
// 'PE_jugad' => 'Int',
//'PP_jugad' => 'Int',
//'Goles' => 'Int',
//'Prom' => 'Int',
//'Tarj_a' => 'Int',
//'Tarj_r' => 'Int'

    //static $has_many = array(
    //'Equipo' => 'NuevoEquipo'
       static $has_many = array(
    'MiEquipo' => 'Equipos'
    // function getCMSFields_forPopup() {
//$fields = new FieldSet();

//$fields->push( new TextField( 'Nombre' ) );

//return $fields;
// }
   function getCMSFields() {
$fields = parent::getCMSFields();

$fields->addFieldToTab("Root.Content.Posicion", new FieldGroup(
new NumericField('Pos'),
new NumericField('PJ'),
new NumericField('PG'),
new NumericField('PE'),
new NumericField('PP'),
new NumericField('GF'),
new NumericField('GC'),
new NumericField('DG'),
new NumericField('Puntos')
      $playersTablefield = new HasManyComplexTableField(
'Nombre' => 'Nombre'
$playersTablefield->setAddTitle( 'jugador' );

$fields->addFieldToTab( 'Root.Content.Estadisticas', $playersTablefield );

return $fields;

class NuevoEquipo_Controller extends NuevaZona_Controller {
   public static $allowed_actions = array (


class Equipos extends DataObject {

static $db = array(
'Nombre' => 'text'

static $has_one = array(
'Teams' => 'NuevoEquipo'

function getCMSFields_forPopup() {
$fields = new FieldSet();
$fields->push( new TextField( 'Nombre' ) );
return $fields;


As you can see the images "Pepe" is added on every page (Equipo A, Equipo BB and the others), and what I want is to see only the page that I add, Hope your help!!!! Greetings

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15 July 2011 at 3:48am Community Member, 528 Posts

May be easier to use the DataObjectManger module instead of using a HasManyComplexTableField :)


15 July 2011 at 4:33am Community Member, 28 Posts

solve my problem by changing the table type (hasmanycomplextablefield by complextablefield) marrow, which show in a table no longer appears in the other table but now I have another problem I can not checker my options. Monkey to seek dataobjectmanager not see results in the api, you could show me something about that object?


15 July 2011 at 3:04pm Community Member, 28 Posts

I just installed the module dataobjectmanager, but I still have the same drawback anyway thanks for the suggestion ... this module has several improvements


16 July 2011 at 1:06am Community Member, 528 Posts

If the same data is appearing on every page that means you're not associating it a page type. You need to associate whatever "pepe' is with your page. I assume NuevaZona is a data object as is NeuvoEquipo. Unless those have a has_one or has_many relation with a page all items will show anywhere that the DataObject is called