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Silverstripe Bounce Handling


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17 May 2012 at 9:39pm (Last edited: 22 May 2012 8:46pm), Community Member, 59 Posts

Hello Everybody,

I am currently looking for a way to record bounces on emails that a Silverstripe system sent.
Google doesn't seem to know too much about this topic (see below for a short summary of the results I found).

So as far as I can see currently the only way to get bounced emails into Silverstripe somehow is to use the Burnbright class together with a pipe on the mail system of the server. Did anyone had some experience with this within the last year(s). Do you think it's worth a shot or should we start right a way with an integration of own code?
I.e. Zend Email class to read & parse an existing mail account, identify bounce mails by message id passed by Silverstripe and parse the body of this mail in some kind of DataObject (i.e. Email_BounceRecord? ;)).

Is there any other known solution I did not find yet?

Thanks a lot for any kind of enlightenment :)

Currently found approaches for Email Bounce Handling:

1.) Silverstripe API
The Email class constructor collects a parameter called $bounceHandlerURL that sets the email header X-SilverStripeBounceURL to the passed value. That's it.
The Api documentation lists two classes [url=]Email_bounceHandler[/url] and [url=]Email_bounceRecords[/url].
I guess these work similar to the burnbright class ad expect a bounce-mail to be piped to the given URL?

2.) Newsletter Module
The latest release of the [url=]Silverstripe Newsletter Module[/url] [v0.4.0-rc1] seems to create an Email_BounceRecord for every Blacklisted Member. Didn't try but i guess this code will crash due to lack of this class.

offers a Solution [url=]"How to set up email bounce with Silverstripe..."[/url]. The post is from Dec. 2009 and offers a class that handles bounce emails requests triggered by piped mails on the system.


20 May 2012 at 12:04pm Forum Moderator, 5511 Posts

The Api documentation lists two classes Email_bounceHandler and Email_bounceRecords, but actually these classes don't exist within the downloaded sources (version 2.4.7)

Those classes are there :D


22 May 2012 at 8:55pm (Last edited: 22 May 2012 8:55pm), Community Member, 59 Posts

Hi Willr,

I fully apologize for this short-sighted statement! :)
I forgot that Sapphire / SilverStripe uses to put several classes within one file and so just searched for filenames.

Do I get the code right, that bounces should be piped to something like[text]&Date=yy-mm-dd&Time=hh-mm-ss&Message=BounceFromXy ?