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[SOLVED] SS3 Upload many files/images [SOLVED] Resize image if it's larger than a certain width


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2 August 2012 at 1:10pm Community Member, 58 Posts

I added your question to topic.
Maybe more people look in this topic and someone solve your issue :)


3 August 2012 at 4:42am (Last edited: 3 August 2012 4:43am), Community Member, 25 Posts

for some reason the function call doesn't work within the loop when used with $Up...
so here is an alternative... maybe not the best solution but seems to work this time.

Add this to your controller:

public function GetImages()
      $images = $this->Images();
      $parsedImages = new ArrayList();
      foreach ($images as $img)
         if($img->getWidth() > 800) $img->LargerThan800 = true;
      return $parsedImages;

and use it like this in your template

<% loop $GetImages %>
         <% if $LargerThan800 %>
            <a href="$SetWidth(800).URL" class="itemPhotos <% if MultipleOf(5) %> itemPhotosLast <% end_if %>" title="$Title">$CroppedImage(158,158)</a>
         <% else %>
         <% end_if %>
      <% end_loop %>

basically it goes through the attached images and add a variable if larger than 800px which is then available in the template. You can do other test in the same way if needed.


9 August 2012 at 8:02am Community Member, 470 Posts

Yup that works.

Thanks for taking the time to look into it and get a working solution, even after all this time.

I changed <% loop $GetImages %> to <% loop GetImages %> for it to work in case anybody following this topic needs it.