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how to use ConfirmedPasswordField


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Optic Blaze

18 September 2012 at 9:40am Community Member, 162 Posts

Hi there,

I am trying to use ConfirmedPasswordField in a registration page. I have managed to get it to work, but now i want to impose some additional validation on the object eg set the min number of charachters to 8, enforce both numbers and letters be used etc.

I am trying to use it as follows, but it does not work:

class RegisterPage_Controller extends Page_Controller {

function Form() {
$member = new Member();
$fields = $member->getMemberFormFields();

$actions = new FieldSet(
         new FormAction('register', 'Register')

      $password = new ConfirmedPasswordField ('Password', 'Password'); // this works
      $password->setCanBeEmpty('false'); //this works
$password->setMinLenth('8'); // gives errors
$password->setMaxLenth('16'); // gives errors
$password->characterStrength(2, array('lowercase', 'uppercase', 'digits', 'punctuation'));

   $fields->insertAfter($password, "Email");
$validator = new RequiredFields('FirstName','Surname','Email','Password');   

$form = new Form($this, 'Form', $fields, $actions, $validator);

      return $form;

Please help, Thanx


18 September 2012 at 11:43pm Forum Moderator, 1796 Posts

These will help...

Optic Blaze

19 September 2012 at 1:06am Community Member, 162 Posts

Ok thanks, i had tried those tutorials, but when i tested the validator it seemed asif it was not working. The problem was that error reporting was not on.

Now i see the following error:

"[User Error] Uncaught ValidationException: Validation error writing a Member object: Password is too short, it must be 7 or more characters long.; You need to increase the strength of your passwords by adding some of the following characters: uppercase, digits, punctuation. Object not written."

Ok so it is working, but it is throwing out an exception that might freak a normal user out.

How do i get it to to display an error message on the page..i.e a template that explains the error to the user as apposed to an exception that looks like the webiste is not working?


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