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PaginatedList error


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7 May 2013 at 5:48pm (Last edited: 7 May 2013 7:31pm), Community Member, 8 Posts

Hi, I'm having some trouble working with PaginatedLists.
I want to make my category page show 15 post in a paginatedlist but the pages must go on 5 pages step. (i.e. Page1 results: post 1-15, Page2 results: post 6-20). The first 5 results won't show the same fields of the others.
The first page is working fine, but the buttons to change pages doesn't work, when I click on it, the URL changes but the page shows the same results.

Here is my actual code:


public function Datalist(integer $num, $start ) {
$paginatedList = new PaginatedList(Page::get());
$paginatedList->setPageLength($num)->setPageStart($start)-> where('"ParentID" = 7')->Sort("ID", "Desc");
return $paginatedList;

<% loop $Datalist(5,0) %>
<a href=$link> $Title </a><br>
<% end_loop %>


<% loop $Datalist(10,5) %>
<a href=$link> $Title </a><br>
<% end_loop %>


<% if $Datalist(5,0).MoreThanOnePage %>
<% if $Datalist(5,0).NotFirstPage %>
<a class="prev" href="$Datalist(5,0).PrevLink">Prev</a>
<% end_if %>
<% loop $Datalist(5,0).Pages %>
<% if $CurrentBool %>
<% else %>
<% if $Link %>
<a href="$Link">$PageNum</a>
<% else %>
<% end_if %>
<% end_if %>
<% end_loop %>
<% if $Datalist(5,0).NotLastPage %>
<a class="next" href="$Datalist(5,0).NextLink">Next</a>
<% end_if %>
<% end_if %>


9 May 2013 at 4:38pm Community Member, 254 Posts

Hmm pagination is tricky.
It looks like $Datalist(5,0) is always starting at 0 so never getting anything more than the first 5 results. You need a mechanism to increment the page. The link for forward or back could hook up to a function off the controller which increments an internal number stored in session... but you'd also need a goTo($here) function for the numbered pages.

Haven't read through it but hopefully this could be of some help


13 May 2013 at 10:45am Community Member, 8 Posts

I've tried to:

   public function Paginando() {
return new PaginatedList($this->Children(),$this->request);

just to make it work with the children pages, but whenever i add the "$this->request", the page crash and shows this message:

26    public function __construct(SS_List $list, $request = array()) {
27       if (!is_array($request) && !$request instanceof ArrayAccess) {
28          throw new Exception('The request must be readable as an array.');
29       }


18 May 2013 at 6:48am Community Member, 189 Posts

Is your function in the controller class? i.e in the "class Page_Controller extends ContentController"