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Store session inside Controller


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3 December 2013 at 1:16pm (Last edited: 3 December 2013 4:21pm), Community Member, 10 Posts

I have a Controller with 2 functions - PostForm() and doPost(), to show form and to handle POST action accordingly. In my form I want to add my own field, something like captcha. I store current time in session and add this value to the form as hidden field.
After posting the form I compare session and POST values. But in my case these values always different. After some logging I found that after posting the form, PostForm() called just before doPost() to obtain form fields, I guess, so my session value rewrited.
And my question - how can I avoid this behavior? To store session in some private place? or to add condition based on URL?
All advices are welcome!


3 December 2013 at 10:22pm Community Member, 215 Posts

First, the submit method won't be called unless all fields are validated... So the your goal should be to create a new MyCaptchaField class and add your logic and validation there.

Something like:

class MyCaptchaField extends HiddenField {
   function FieldHolder() {
      $field = parent::FieldHolder();
      // add logic
      return $field;

   function validate($validator) {
      // add logic
      return true;

Or to avoid your issue, you'll need to check if the field has a value of your previous form submit first.

$captchaField = new HiddenField("captcha");
if (!$captchaField->Value()) {
   $captcha = time();

But I've to advise to you, that what you're trying to accomplish is already covered by the security token... which you disabled.


4 December 2013 at 12:26pm Community Member, 10 Posts

Thank you Devlin for you interest.
In my case security token is not enough just because is it not difficult to parse it by some spam engine. I want to disallow comments posted in 60 sec after page was loaded. so I store time in session and check it on form sibmittion. Hidden field here is not so necessary, just one more verification.
Let's say there is no hidden field, just session.


4 December 2013 at 4:59pm (Last edited: 4 December 2013 5:00pm), Community Member, 10 Posts

Ok, I did it with dirty hack:

public function PostForm() {
if(strpos($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"],"PostForm") === false) {