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Hidng Site Tree Pages and Tabs in the Editor Content View of the CMS?


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17 January 2009 at 4:21pm (Last edited: 17 January 2009 4:22pm), Community Member, 2 Posts

To disable the rendering of the HTML try this, it worked for me. Someone else confirm this is right, I just started hacking the code two days ago so I might be missing something.

In the Saphire/core/Model/Hierachy.php file you'll find a getChildrenAsUL function line number 37. If you insert after

foreach($children as $child) {

these lines of code


the HTML for the tree nodes won't render.


18 January 2009 at 3:06am Community Member, 63 Posts

@DaAmazing1 : works fine.

doesn't solve my problem of subpages though...


18 January 2009 at 6:20am Community Member, 2 Posts

After further research that was a pretty bad solution, that class is used to decorate other classes so who knows what gets broken by doing that. I found a better easier solution that solves the html rendering and the subpages:

In the cms/code/LeftAndMain.php on line number 388 you'll find a $sitetree variable being set, change that to this:

            $siteTree = $obj->getChildrenAsUL("", '
                  ($child->canEdit()?"<li " . ($child->canEdit()?"id=\"record-$child->ID\"":"") . " class=\"" . $child->CMSTreeClasses($extraArg) . "\">" .
                  "<a href=\"" . ($child->canEdit()?Director::link(substr($extraArg->Link(),0,-1), "show", $child->ID):"javascript:;;;") . "\" class=\"" . $child->CMSTreeClasses($extraArg) . "\" title=\"' . _t('LeftAndMain.PAGETYPE','Page type: ') . '".$child->class."\" >" .
                  ($child->canEdit()?($child->TreeTitle()):"&nbsp;") .
   '               "</a>"

This is a better solution because your not messing with the core code and should only affect the Sitetree. All the decorator Hierarchy class does a simple php eval on the template so the inline ifs should solve the issue. The tree looks a bit messed up, but everything works I'm sure you guys can figure out a way to hack the css to fix the tree. Also the code is a bit messy I was trying several different things so you might want the extraneous inline ifs deleted.


22 January 2009 at 12:38am Community Member, 63 Posts

well done, I have not tested your code but had looked at this line of code and tried to implement what you did, this is exactly the place to make this modification happen


9 June 2009 at 1:42pm Community Member, 26 Posts

I have tested your code and works!

Is possible add this to SS distribution?

Thanks that is perfect for me.


10 June 2009 at 12:30pm Community Member, 5 Posts

yes, we've been using that code since January and it's worked perfectly =)


30 July 2009 at 9:25pm Community Member, 63 Posts

hi, quick note on upgrade for 2.3.2, change occurs in cms/code/LeftAndMain.php : line 517

$siteTree = $obj->getChildrenAsUL("", '
               ($child->canEdit()?"<li id=\"record-$child->ID\" class=\"" . $child->CMSTreeClasses($extraArg) . "\">" .
               "<a href=\"" . Director::link(substr($extraArg->Link(),0,-1), "show", $child->ID) . "\" class=\"" . $child->CMSTreeClasses($extraArg) . "\" title=\"' . _t('LeftAndMain.PAGETYPE','Page type: ') . '".$child->class."\" >" .
               ($child->TreeTitle()) .

Carbon Crayon

30 July 2009 at 9:58pm Community Member, 598 Posts

Great, thanks Erwanpia. This should really get considered for the core, are there any relevant tickets open?