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How does page/action/ID construct work


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5 September 2009 at 2:00am

I'm trying to figure out how the page/action/ID construct works, but the documentation page doesn't exist.

I have a Product Review form in my Product_Controller. In the template the Form Gets automagically Hidden and Revealed with jQuery. However when I add the reCaptcha plug-in all hell breaks loose. I figure the problem is the AJAX call in reCaptcha doesn't like to be called into a HIdden div. So I thought why don't I make the form generation an AJAX call.

Reading the AJAX intro in the REcipes section I understand I need to call DataObjects as pages, and tell the page controller to use a differnrt tempalte for AJAX calls. But I can't get the form to Render in its own Page.

Here is the Form Function if it Helps

class Product_Controller extends Page_Controller {
    * Include the product group's requirements, override if the project has the file,
    * otherwise use the module one instead
   function init(){

   /**Create Review Form****
   function UserProductReviewForm() {
// Create fields
    $recaptchaField = new RecaptchaField('MyCaptcha');
    $recaptchaField->jsOptions = array('theme' => 'white');
$fields = new FieldSet(
                      new TextField('Name','Name:'),
                      new EmailField('Email','E-Mail Address:'),
                      new TextField('Location','Location:'),
                      new OptionsetField('Rating','Rating',array(
                                                      '1' => '1',
                                                      '2' => '2',
                                                      '3' => '3',
                                                      '4' => '4',
                                                      '5' => '5',
                      new TextField('Title','Review Title:'),
                      new TextareaField('Review'),
                      new HiddenField('ProductID', '', $this->ID),
                      new HiddenField('ProductName','',$this->Title)
// Create actions
$actions = new FieldSet(
new FormAction('doReview', 'Submit')

return new Form($this, 'UserProductReviewForm', $fields, $actions);


function doReview($data, $form) {
$review = new Review();

I've commented out the offending reCaptcha element. Shouldn't I be able to load the form with


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5 September 2009 at 11:40am

Shouldn't I be able to load the form with

No as UserProductReviewForm returns a Form Object. You would include $UserProductReviewForm in the main product name page to load the form or make your own action which just returns an array

function addreview() {
return array(
'Title'=> "Add Review",
'Form' => $this->UserProductReviewForm()

Then you would go and have the ability to have a template which has the $Form var to load your form.

Documentation is a bit light on this but its started.