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General questions about getting started with SilverStripe that don't fit in any of the categories above.

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"Insert Image" Button Missing

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19 September 2009 at 1:34am Community Member, 17 Posts

Yup, weird huh? When clicking the insert image TinyMCE button the right hand pane appears, everything seems to work in the pane no probs, only problem is that there is no Insert Image button! Is missing for IE, FF and Chrome.

Anyone heard of this happening? I'm not having any luck searching the forum or google.



21 September 2009 at 2:02pm Community Member, 17 Posts

Anyone?? :)


21 September 2009 at 5:19pm Community Member, 901 Posts

Is there a browser, where the Button actually shows?
I would start with a look at Firebug (, check if you get any JS Errors (Console Tab) or maybe files that aren't loading (Net Tab).


23 September 2009 at 1:30pm Community Member, 17 Posts

Thanks banal,
I've attached a grab of the image pane, not sure if that helps at all. I checked firebug: when I click the image icon in TinyMCE the image pane appears (as attached), firebug does not report anything in the console or net tab :(

When looking through the markup for the page I did notice that the insert image button is atleast in the code:
<div class="Actions">   
<input class="action" id="Form_EditorToolbarImageForm_action_insertimage" type="submit" name="action_insertimage" value="Insert image" title="Insert image" />   

So I wonder why it is not showing up in any browsers?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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23 September 2009 at 6:56pm Community Member, 901 Posts

In Firebug, switch to the HTML tab and select the input element (try the surrounding div too). Then check the css associated with that element (should appear on the right in the "Style" tab). There, you should be able to see if the element was hidden with display: none or visibility: hidden. If that's the case, just look where that style was defined and go remove it...


25 September 2009 at 12:05pm (Last edited: 28 September 2009 8:52pm), Community Member, 17 Posts

Thanks Banal,
This Firebug thingo is really handy :) I checked out the elements, results attached. There does not appear to be anything amiss with the markup or css, I am guessing there is probably a bit of javascript interaction somewhere that could be the culprit?

The thing that gets me is that there has been no customisation of the CMS, I have not added anything other than the standard installation. There does not appear to be any other reports of this issue anywhere else and upgrading to the latest version of Silverstripe also had no effect.

Thanks a million for your help with this, at least I can rule out a couple of things.

Best Regards


25 September 2009 at 7:53pm Community Member, 901 Posts

That's really weird. It looks like the element is there and visible, but it's outside of the visible area (the surrounding container has probably a overflow: hidden property). It seems as if there is a problem with the CMS layout calculation (which is being done usingT JavaScript).

To narrow the source of the problem down, I suggest you do the following:
Login to and look if it works there. If yes, it must be a problem with your SilverStripe installation, otherwise it's probably some browser or even OS problem.
If possible, check with as many browsers as possible, maybe even on other computers.


28 September 2009 at 8:59pm Community Member, 17 Posts

Thanks Banal, I've done a fresh install and its working fine there, so I'm going to port the content across to the new install then switch the re-direct. I'm checking at each stage of the refresh to see if it rears it's ugly head again!

Will let you know what I find, thanks for your insight tho :)

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