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nested controls: get values from parent


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6 October 2009 at 10:34am (Last edited: 6 October 2009 10:35am), Community Member, 168 Posts

Hi, i am trying to loop through one menu control [Menu(3)]. Within the loop i nested a custom control.

the result shoud look like this:

- item 1.$MenuTitle
item a. (item 1 $Top.Link)
item b. (item 1 $Top.Link)
item c. (item 1 $Top.Link)
- item 2.$MenuTitle
item a. (item 2 $Top.Link)
item b. (item 2 $Top.Link)
item c. (item 2 $Top.Link)
- item 3.$MenuTitle
item a. (item 3 $Top.Link)
item b. (item 3 $Top.Link)
item c. (item 3 $Top.Link)
- item 4.$MenuTitle
item a. (item 4 $Top.Link)
item b. (item 4 $Top.Link)
item c. (item 4 $Top.Link)

The Problem is, that you It will NOT return the additionally joined data ([url][/url])

How can i get the right Data?

P.S.There is another small thing: if you use s.t. like: $Top.Link/show/$ID you will have a double slash, because $Top.Link already contains one "/" (gesundheitswesen//show/6). How can i get rid of it?

Greetings, Carsten.


<div id="banner">
<div class="banner_top">&nbsp;</div>
<div class="banner_inner">
<ul class="menu">
<% control Menu(3) %>   
<li class="sublevel1">$MenuTitle
<% control getFirmenforBanner %>
<li class="sublevel2">
<a href="$Top.Link/show/$ID">$Firmenname $URLSegment</a>
<% end_control %>
<% end_control %>
<div class="banner_end">&nbsp;</div>

Page.php (model):

function getFirmenforBanner() {
   // Tabelle + Where + Sort + JOIN + LIMIT
      $firmen = DataObject::get("Stammdaten", "", "Stammdaten.Firmenname", "", "");
      return $firmen;


6 October 2009 at 3:33pm Community Member, 283 Posts

You were close, just had to make it to SQL Query per the instructions in the link you posted


6 October 2009 at 4:51pm Forum Moderator, 5511 Posts

And for $Top.Link/show/$ID you would just remove the / before the show - {$Top.Link}show/$ID


6 October 2009 at 10:00pm Community Member, 168 Posts

Thanks Dalesaurus, thanks Willr,

i got it all working. If you read the docs carefully you can nearly solve every problem. To get all Data i had to build a foreach-loop.

Here is the code from my controller:

function getFirmenforBanner() {
         $sqlQuery = new SQLQuery();
         $sqlQuery->select = array(
         'Firmenname AS Firmenname',
         'Bereich AS Bereich',
         'SiteTree.URLSegment AS URLSegment',
         'SiteTree.Title AS Title',
         'Stammdaten.ClassName AS ClassName',
         'Stammdaten.ClassName AS RecordClassName',
         'Stammdaten.ID AS ID'
         $sqlQuery->from = array(
         "LEFT JOIN SiteTree ON Stammdaten.Bereich = SiteTree.ID"
         $sqlQuery->where = array(
         "SiteTree.ShowInMenus = 1 AND Bereich = ".$this->ID.""
         $result = $sqlQuery->execute();
         $firmen = new DataObjectSet();
          foreach($result as $row) {
         $firmen->push(new ArrayData($row));
         return $firmen;