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Fatal error: Call to undefined method HttpRequest::addHeader()


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4 May 2010 at 10:20pm (Last edited: 4 May 2010 10:24pm), Community Member, 19 Posts


i have a strange problem that occured recently. i changed my - i put an hart coded link in and uploaded the file. at first glance everything seems ok, because the link apeared and i did not get any error message. now after two days i visited my page again i get this message:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method HttpRequest::addHeader() in /www/htdocs/xxx/xxx/xxx/sapphire/core/control/Director.php on line 115

i tried this to fix the error:
1.i uploaded "blackcandy" and changed the theme in mysite/_config.php. but it is still the same error in the frontend. (of course with /?flush=1 at the end)
2. .../?flush=1 - still the same error
3. ... /dev/build - still the same error (but i gues this is only possibel if iam loged in)
4. ... i overwrote to the previouse version as it was working - still the same error

what is this? and how can i fix it. i am wondering if it would help to make an upgrade? because i am running 2.3.3 ....
could it be an cache problem? an where?

thank you for any help
g.m. :(


5 May 2010 at 3:38am (Last edited: 5 May 2010 3:45am), Forum Moderator, 1095 Posts

You might already have found this thread:

Maybe the problem lies with your provider changing some server settings, and not with your code?

[edit] Also I just remembered something about the HTTPRequest/HTTPResponse classname conflicting with the php HTTP extension your provider may have enabled recently. Here's another link:

Upgrading probably isn't such a bad idea anyway, since we're at 3.7...

Good luck!


5 May 2010 at 4:19am (Last edited: 5 May 2010 4:21am), Community Member, 19 Posts

oh! thnks! i think this is it. i have changed my main domain-name and i think this is what is going wrong.
but how can I chage the url, where can find it. i have looked inside main.php and discovered just a lot of variables. maybe this answer lise somewher in the DataBase or in an sapphire .php file?