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HTTPResponse conflict


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2 March 2009 at 12:26pm Community Member, 1 Post

Hi all.
I'm currently trying to install SS on my site (hosted by NearlyFreeSpeech.NET). All requirements on the install.php page are satisfied except for one - it gives me the error:

Your version of PHP has defined some classes that conflict with SilverStripe's. The following classes are at fault: HTTPResponse

I asked the host and they said they can't do anything about it from their end. Is there anything I can do, or do I have to give up?


2 March 2009 at 12:53pm Administrator, 685 Posts

If you're comfortable editing the PHP source of of SilverStripe, you could try renaming the HTTPResponse class to something like SSHTTPResponse, and searching & replacing the rest of the code for references to HTTPResponse, and updating those too. You would also need to rename HTTPResponse.php to SSHTTPResponse.php.

But if this is your first time using SilverStripe, this might wind up being more hassle than it's worth. You could also ask your host if they can remove the custom HTTP extension to PHP that's discussed here:

Otherwise you could change hosts.

We're hoping to fix this issue in 2.4.0.


11 March 2009 at 12:36pm (Last edited: 11 March 2009 12:40pm), Community Member, 2 Posts


I used notepad++ and opened up all the files in sapphire\core and sapphire\core\control - then used the "find in all files" to replace all instances of HTTPResponse with SSHTTPResponse, I also renamed the HTTPResponse.php found in sapphire\core\control to SSHTTPResopnse.php and everything is now working fine.



13 March 2009 at 6:03pm Community Member, 2 Posts

This may be related to the mod_rewrite AllowOverride issue that some people seem to be having on install.

2.3 didn't install for me and kept getting stuck on Friendly Urls not working. It turns out that i needed to replace all instances of HTTPResponse and HTTPRequest in the code with SSHTTPResponse, and HTTPRequest (can do with notepad++ automatically) then rename the files in core\control to (SSHTTPResponse.php, and HTTPRequest.php) and it installed nice and clean.



3 August 2009 at 9:23pm Community Member, 12 Posts

i have this problem too, and i asked the host to switch off the PHP extension "http". If it works afterwards i will report here! I hope this will be fixed soon, and i wonder why this issue isn't a problem for more people around...


3 August 2009 at 10:02pm Community Member, 12 Posts

Also check this post: