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Counting rows in template language


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14 March 2010 at 3:44pm (Last edited: 14 March 2010 3:46pm), Community Member, 24 Posts


I need some way to create x many objects add a clearing class and add another create x many objects add another clearing class and continue. Example = thumbnails of photos in a gallery. Yes i could use a table but I would run into the same problem. The kind of functionality I'm looking for is similar to Even and Odd, but not with a base of 2.

In php i would do something like:
$j =0;
for ($i =0; $i < $total; $i++) {
echo $something;
if($j == 5) {
echo '<div class="clear">&nbsp;</div>';

What I've done is added the below code to ViewableData:
    * Return if we have a complete row or not
    * @param int $denominator, which defaults to 1.
    * @return boolean
   function IsDivisibleBy($denominator = 1) {
      if (is_int(($this->iteratorPos+1) / $denominator)) {
         return true;
      } else {
         return false;

I can then use the below in my template class:
<% if IsDivisibleBy(3) %>

Is there a better way?


14 March 2010 at 7:54pm Forum Moderator, 921 Posts

2.4 added a modulus factor into ViewableData. The change was applied here:

You could probably use something like that. It uses modulus in PHP (%) to do what you're looking for.