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changing 'your site name' in a theme ruins whole site


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3 April 2010 at 1:41am Community Member, 4 Posts

Hi, I'm really a novice web designer so please forgive me if I use the wrong terms or whatever! I've been working on a site for a friend (re-building it in Silverstripe) and have been through about 6 themes (including Blackcandy), as I've been able to get everything sorted, including the footer text changes, but whenever I try to change the site name and/or tag line in, it overrides almost all structure/layout whatever (ie. there's no fixed width, navigation, page layout etc etc!). I haven't been able to change any of it back either. I have a MacBook and use Silverstripe 2.3.7, don't know if any of that makes a difference?


3 April 2010 at 2:34am Community Member, 323 Posts


Could you post the lines in that work (re-install one of those themes you talked about) and the modifications that break the layout?


3 April 2010 at 3:08am Community Member, 4 Posts

Your Site Name
your site's tagline here


I open it in TextEdit (the only option on my Mac), I tried to convert it to plain text but then I couldn't save it as an .ss file. I want to have Paw Prints Pet Training™ in place of Your Site Name, and Dog training in Perth, Western Australia in place of your site's tagline here.


4 April 2010 at 2:14am Community Member, 323 Posts

There’s a bunch of errors in this file.

First, I doubt it could work if it is really called (or maybe your page type is called Page7 and is defined in a Page7.php file?).

Have you a Layout/ template for obtaining the content of the page? Also, $Layout will certainly break if you include it in <p> tags since it includes its own HTML.

The same thing for $MetaTags, that have to be in the <head> section.

I think you should follow a tutorial on HTML and on SS templates before going further. Have you followed the SS tutorials? There’s a lot to learn there.

Hope it helps,


4 April 2010 at 2:23am Community Member, 4 Posts

Sorry I'd attached the wrong document, not sure where the came from!

It's all sorted now though - finally found an archive ( that worked, it was because TextEdit won't recognise that file. It recognised all other .ss files for some reason. I downloaded Smultron and it worked beautifully!

Thanks for your help!