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How to access DataObjects from jQuery?


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21 October 2011 at 11:58am Community Member, 33 Posts

Hi, I'm trying to preload and animate images after a click on a button via AJAX w/ jQuery. The images are data objects associated with my page.

My Controller:

   function getImages () {
      if($this->isAjax) {
         return $this->renderWith("AjaxImages");
      else {
         return Array();

My view requests images via a regular <% control AjaxImages %> structure (which calls a controller method that is querying the image data from the DB).

The AJAX works fine… but I would like to preloaded the images first before showing them to the user. This is my code that handles the AJAX request:

      $("#ajaxImages").click(function(e) {
         $("#ajaxContent").fadeOut(1500, function() {
            $('#ajaxContent').load('/team/getImages', function() {

               // how to get new dataobject values (image file names) in here??

         return false;

How can I access the dataobjects (requested from the view, retrieved by the controller) in the JS above?

Any help greatly appreciated...


21 October 2011 at 3:30pm Community Member, 29 Posts

A javascript template requirement in your page controller might work. The code below is from the docs

$vars = array(
"EditorCSS" => "mot/css/editor.css",
Requirements::javascriptTemplate("cms/javascript/editor.template.js", $vars);

Passing your image name or whichever you like via the array should make it usable in the js.


21 October 2011 at 6:07pm Community Member, 13 Posts


instead of doing an AJAX call via the jQuery $(selector).load() method could you use a $.get() call instead. That will give you access to the returned data directly so you can manipulate it before you rendered anything in the DOM.

Just a thought ...

Cheers, Innes (NZ)