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Include section page in navigation




20 November 2012 at 12:30am Community Member, 8 Posts

Is there an easy way to also include the parent section page in a navigation?

Let's say I have this structure:

- Section 1
- - Subpage 1
- - Subpage 2
- - Subpage 3
- Section 2

If I'm on Subpage 2, or pages below this page, I want the navigation to show:

  • Section 1
  • Subpage 1
  • Subpage 2 (marked as active)
  • Subpage 3

But Menu() only lists the sub pages. Do I have to "manually" include the section page in the nav, or is there a setting, or parameter, of some kind I can use?

At the moment, I'm writing out the link to the parent section using Level(1), which sort of works, but surely there must be a better way to handle this scenario?

(Also, I'm having difficulties marking the current page/section as active. I set .current and .section links to bold, but if I'm on for example Subpage 2, both this page and the link to Section 1 will be bold, since the Subpage 2 link will have the .current class, while the Section 1 link has the .section class. And if I'm on a page below the Subpage 2 page, both the Subpage 2 and Section 1 links will have the .section class, and therefore both marked as active/bold.)