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How to iterate through an Arraylist within an array list?


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19 December 2012 at 10:47pm Community Member, 7 Posts

How can I loop through an ArrayList within another ArrayList?
I tried a lot of things and was looking all over the Silverstripe sites, but somehow I can't figure out how this works.
Anybody can give me some clue?

This is what I have now:

Function inside controller:

$pages = DataObject::get("SiteTree","MATCH (Title, Content) AGAINST ('$query' IN BOOLEAN MODE)");
$searchresults = new ArrayList(array(
'pages' => $pages

$data['Results'] = $searchresults;

return $this->customise($data)->renderWith(array('Page_results'));


<% if Results %>
<ul id="MainSearchResults">
<% loop Results %>
<% if pages() %>
<% loop pages() %>
<a class="searchResultHeader" href="$Link">
<% if MenuTitle %>
<% else %>
<% end_if %>
<a class="readMoreLink" href="$Link" title="Lees meer over &quot;{$Title}&quot;">Lees meer over &quot; {$Title}&quot;...</a>
<% end_loop %>
<% else %>
<p>There are no results</p>
<% end_if %>

<% end_loop %>
<% else %>
<p>Sorry, there are no results</p>
<% end_if %>


20 December 2012 at 12:00am Community Member, 146 Posts

In your example, $pages is a DataList, so you don't need to wrap it in an ArrayList.

Just do $data['Results'] = $pages and in your template:

<% if Results %>
<% control Results %>
<% end_control %>
<% else %>
There were no results
<% end_if %>


20 December 2012 at 1:25am Community Member, 7 Posts

@kinglozzer: thanks for your quick response. In my example I had only one list inside a list, but in fact I want to use several lists inside the Arraylist, so my question remains the same...


20 December 2012 at 3:33am Community Member, 22 Posts

Why the parentheses after pages? Have you tried removing them?

Also why not show the name of your controller function. Did you call it pages maybe?