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Template Parameter Parsing Problem


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28 February 2009 at 12:10am Community Member, 81 Posts

Hey guys,

If I try and put the following dynamic variable in my template I get an error:


This is what the cached file is trying to do for this section and obviously the SSVIEWER is getting confused due to there being no differentiation with the ID and the ResortGroupForm objects

$val .= $item->obj("Top")->XML_val("ResortGroupForm",array("
$val .= $item->XML_val("ID",null,true) ;
$val .= <<<SSVIEWER
"),true) ;
$val .= <<<SSVIEWER


However, if I try a static value there is no problem:


The cached template looks like the following:

$val .= $item->obj("Top")->XML_val("ResortGroupForm",array("one"),true) ;
$val .= <<<SSVIEWER

If anyone has a solution please provide it to me as it would be greatly appreciated.



28 February 2009 at 12:12am Community Member, 81 Posts

I would presume that if the SSVIEWER for the argument was something like SSVIEWER_ARG then that would solve the issue

Ben Gribaudo

4 March 2009 at 3:22am Community Member, 181 Posts

Hi Terminator4,

At present, the template system doesn't support variables inside of template method calls (see So, you can't do '$Property($OtherProperty)'.

As a workaround to this, you could add a method to your model that returns the equivalent of '$Property($OtherProperty)'. You could then call that new method from your template.

Hope this helps,