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Resize Image with ThumbnailWidth value from DataObjectSet


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23 June 2009 at 1:17am

Edited: 23/06/2009 2:29am

I am have tried this many different ways and cannot seem to get this to work.

I have a class ProductView that extends DataObject and has a 1-to-many relationship with a ProductPage. The ProductView class contains a field for ThumbnailWidth (numeric) and a has_one relation Page_Image. In my template, I loop through the ProductView DataObjectSet and am trying to output a resized version of the Image according to the maximum ThumbnailWidth that has been entered in the CMS.

I cannot seem to figure out how to retrieve the ThumbnailWidth value of the ProductView within the Page_Image class. I obviously need a get_one statement, but i cannot seem to grab the ID of the ProductView once i am in the Page_Image class. Does anyone know how to do this?


class ProductView extends DataObject {

static $db = array(
'ViewTitle' => 'Text',
    'ViewDescription' => 'Text',
    'ThumbnailWidth' => 'Int'

   static $has_one = array(
      'ProductPage' => 'ProductPage',
      'ViewImage' => 'Page_Image'

   public function getCMSFields_forPopup()
      return new FieldSet(
         new TextField('ViewTitle', 'Title'),
         new TextareaField('ViewDescription', 'Description'),
         new NumericField('ThumbnailWidth', 'Thumbnail Width (pixels)','150'),
         new ImageField('ViewImage', 'Image')


<% control ProductViewOther %>
<div style="padding-right:20px;float:left;">
<a class="thickbox" rel="ViewImage" title="$ViewTitle" href="$ViewImage.URL"><img src="$ViewImage.ProductPageThumbResize.URL" /></a>
<% end_control %>

ProductViewOther method in ProductPage.php

   * Product View Other - For Product Page
   function ProductViewOther() {
      $doSet = DataObject::get(
         $callerClass = "ProductView",
         $filter = "`ProductPageID` = '".$this->ID."' and `ViewMain` = 'No'"
      return $doSet ? $doSet : false;

Page_Image class on Page.php

class Page_Image extends Image {
   function generateProductPageThumbResize($gd) {
<---need to get ProductView ID here so I can retrieve ThumbnailWidth value and assign $newWidth--->

         return $gd->resizeByWidth($newWidth);



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24 June 2009 at 1:22pm

After hours of trying to figure this out, finally got smart and looked to see how Image Gallery module handled this. ended up being a very easy solution (i could have sworn i tried this before posting, but maybe had typos in my code):

added the following method to ProductView.php

   public function ViewImageThumbnail()
      return $this->ViewImage()->SetWidth($this->ThumbnailWidth);