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I don't get it - two different types


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24 July 2009 at 3:24am


Ok I'm very new to SS, and I'm trying to pull ou site together. Now I have this issue I I just cannot seem to understand what I need to do.

So I have a page call 'Pricing' (I created a pricing.php and .ss)
Within this page I have two different types of content that we want to display.

ie layout somewhat like
<start page>

Content1, Content1,Content1, Content1
Content2, Content2
<end page>

I've created a php and layout ss for each of these types, so that in the admin area we can create page for each one to populate that content.

I have got as far as Content1 but when I try and display content2 I don't know how to get these pages.

For Content1 I'm doing:

<% control Children %>
   <% if LessThanFive %>
      <% include ContentBox %>
<% end_if %>                     
<% end_control %>

However I don't know how to display the other type. I've tried doing this:

<% control getContentBoxLargeHorz %>                  
   <% include ContentBoxLargeHorz %>
<% end_control %>

class Pricing_Controller extends Page_Controller {
   function getContentBoxLargeHorz() {
       $here = DataObject::get_one("Pricing");
   return ($news) ? DataObject::get("ContentBoxLargeHorz", "$here->ID") : false;


But this doesn't work.

How do I do this sort of thing?

Many thanks


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27 July 2009 at 6:44pm

ah figured it out. I had a silly typo - seruprising what a weekend can do for having a fresh view at something

should of been:
function getContentBoxLargeHorz() {
       $here = DataObject::get_one("Pricing");
   return ($here) ? DataObject::get("ContentBoxLargeHorz", "") : false;