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Release 2.3.4: Changeset 88281 not included?


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1 December 2009 at 11:15am Community Member, 2 Posts

Good evening everybody,

I've just downloaded the newest version (2.3.4) of SilverStripe and extracted the files. I read the changelog, too and was happy to see that a bug that caused problems with symbolic links should have been fixed in this version ([url=][88281] BUGFIX: Ensure ASSETS_PATH is respected[/url]). This bug occured when SilverStripe was extracted into a separate directory and symbolic links to cms, jsparty and sapphire were created in the folder of the web project(s) to allow using a simple installation of SilverStripe in multiple projects. (For more information see [url=]Multiple site support?[/url] and [url=]multisites possible?[/url])

But after upgrading and testing my project, I encountered the same problem again. I looked into the source code of core/model/Image.php and filesystem/File.php and recognized that the changes submitted in [url=]88281[/url] are not included in the current stable release 2.3.4. I am a little bit confused now and it would be nice if somebody could help me - is there a mistake in the 2.3.4 ChangeLog?


1 December 2009 at 7:36pm (Last edited: 1 December 2009 7:38pm), Forum Moderator, 5511 Posts

It appears it was commited for 2.3.4 and then reverted in a later change -

Our changelog generator doesn't handle reverted commits it seems.


2 December 2009 at 8:15am Community Member, 2 Posts

Ah, thanks for your answer. Next time I'll look into the [url=]revision log[/url] of the affected file. ;)

Nevertheless, can you make a prediction when this problem will be fixed? I had to correct /sapphire/core/model/Image.php (replace "../" with "Director::BaseFolder()") this time once again. But I'm not an expert with the SilverStripe source code (yet) and so I'm not sure whether this is the optimal way to do it.