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Upgrading SilverStripe

Ask questions about upgrading SilverStripe to the latest version.

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Upgrade from 2.3.x to 2.4.0


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17 February 2010 at 10:59pm Community Member, 244 Posts

Hopefully all you should need to do is add "SiteTree::enable_nested_urls();" to your _config.php file, and visit If you have custom code relying on unique URLSegment values or using $URLSegment to generate links some things might break.


19 February 2010 at 10:05am Community Member, 2 Posts

Thanks, that was all I needed. Nested URLs are working perfectly.


20 August 2010 at 11:26pm (Last edited: 20 August 2010 11:28pm), Community Member, 14 Posts

I upgraded using this:

mysqldump --opt --user=$user -p$password $oldDatabase -r db.sql
mysql --user=$user -p $newDatabase < db.sql

but get bad characters: å and Å
The site is in Norwegian so the bad characters are : øæåØÆÅ

Mysql command:
show variables like 'char%';
| Variable_name | Value |
| character_set_client | latin1 |
| character_set_connection | latin1 |
| character_set_database | latin1 |
| character_set_filesystem | binary |
| character_set_results | latin1 |
| character_set_server | latin1 |
| character_set_system | utf8 |
| character_sets_dir | /usr/share/mysql/charsets/ |

So I can't upgrade the site and it's driving me nuts trying to figure this out.