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Upgrading SilverStripe

Ask questions about upgrading SilverStripe to the latest version.

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No Viewer Group after upgrade


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28 January 2009 at 1:34am Community Member, 787 Posts

ah... now I See..

I was reading too fast .... so the problem is that the data-model isn't updated properly....

Did you notice that there is a weird table-name in your query ? Where does that come from ?

web231-oxton.SiteTree_ViewerGroups' doesn't exist


28 January 2009 at 5:22am Community Member, 46 Posts

I really dont understand this :-(

dev/build is telling me that the table is being created:

# Table SiteTree_ViewerGroups: created
# Field SiteTree_ViewerGroups.SiteTreeID: created as int(11) not null default '0'
# Field SiteTree_ViewerGroups.GroupID: created as int(11) not null default '0'
# Index SiteTree_ViewerGroups.SiteTreeID: created as (SiteTreeID)
# Index SiteTree_ViewerGroups.GroupID: created as (GroupID)

But then i get the error message saying it isnt and it isnt in the db.

This is a Columbo case!


28 January 2009 at 10:00am Community Member, 787 Posts

it seems to be looking for a table called web231-oxton.SiteTree_ViewerGroups no ? Or is that some MySQL notation I'm not aware of ?

Look at your initial error msg.


28 January 2009 at 10:05am (Last edited: 28 January 2009 10:08am), Community Member, 46 Posts

web231-oxton is the database name

Shouldn't affect it... i think


28 January 2009 at 10:34am Community Member, 787 Posts


Well.. Wasn't there something with SS and dashes in DB names ? ...... Let's see ...


28 January 2009 at 11:37am Community Member, 46 Posts

Thanks for the links Fuzz10,

it has helped me dig a bit further. I moved the site from Fasthosts to Heart so have not installed fresh there. The site does work front-end (except home page) so i dont think it is the db config.

I also checked the server logs and found the following error when dev/build is run

PHP Fatal error: Class ' Text' not found in /home/sites/ on line 188

I have had a look and the Text Class is present in the models/datatypes folder. Hmmm....