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SS 2.4.1 Tranlate Widget




5 August 2010 at 3:29pm Community Member, 254 Posts

I can't see how I can get hold of the develop simon_w so I'll post the code here. This is in regards to Language Chooser Widget [v0.2.3]

Nothing needs changing apart from LanguageChooser.php all the logic still works just some of the class/function names have changed.


class LanguageChooser extends Widget {
static $title = "Language Chooser";
static $cmsTitle = "Language Chooser";
static $description = "Allows you to choose your language";

static $db = array("ShowCurrent" => "Boolean");
static $defaults = array('ShowCurrent' => false);

function getCMSFields(){
return new FieldSet(new CheckboxField('ShowCurrent', _t('LanguageChooser.SHOWCURRENT', 'Show current language')));

function Chooser() {
      if(!Controller::curr()) {
$langs = Translatable::get_existing_content_languages ();
$data = new DataObjectSet();
foreach(array_keys($langs) as $code) {
if($code == Translatable::current_lang() && !$this->ShowCurrent) {
$page = Translatable::get_one_by_lang("SiteTree", $code, "`SiteTree`.ID = " . Controller::curr()->ID);
if(!$page) {
$data->push(new ArrayData(array('name' => i18n::get_locale_name($code), 'link' => Director::protocolAndHost() . Director::baseURL() . '?locale=' . $code)));
} else {
$data->push(new ArrayData(array('name' => i18n::get_locale_name($code), 'link' => Director::protocolAndHost() . Director::baseURL() . $page->URLSegment . '?locale=' . $code)));
return $data;

function WidgetHolder() {
if(count(Translatable::get_existing_content_languages()) > 1) {
return $this->renderWith("WidgetHolder");
return "";


The i18n::get_locale_name($code) returns the language name which is used as the link. There are free sets of flag icons fr unicode, it'd be very nice to include these as the link, optionally instead of language names.