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  • Hamish
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    Auckland Users Group Meetup Link to this post

    Hi everyone,

    In the interests of continuing to build the SilverStripe community in the Auckland area, I've started a "SilverStripe Auckland Users Group" meetup:


    "Connect with SilverStripe developers, designers and users in the Auckland region.

    Each month we will profile exciting SilverStripe projects, discuss features, hold tutorials and organise other community events.

    This is a social meetup - be prepared to be involved!

    Please note: this meetup is a community run event and is not affiliated with SilverStripe Ltd.

    I encourage anyone in the Auckland region to join up. It is free, we will try to make it fun and it will be a great opportunity to get some face to face contact with developers, designers and project leaders using SilverStripe.

    The first meetup will be in October, probably the 22nd:

    October will be our inaugural Auckland SilverStripe Users Group meetup!

    Come along to meet and greet SilverStripe users in the Auckland region. As this is our first meeting, we'll keep it light on the technical content, but please come prepared with a 1 minute spiel on:

    • Who you are
    • What you do
    • What you would like to get out of these meetups

    We'll have a quick talk about meeting formats, timing etc, then we'll launch into our first presentation (to be confirmed).


    Will be confirmed shortly, however it will almost certainly be in the Viaduct/Beaumont Street area.


    Due to clashes with other groups of similar interest, I have tried to reserve the 3rd Thursday of the month as our regular meetup time.


    We'd prefer this event to be free, so if anyone would like to sponsor the group or a particular meetup, that would be great! Sponsorship will get you advertising to a bunch of technological leaders in the Auckland area, exposure on this site [EDIT: The meetup group page - not SilverStripe.org!], in subsequent mail notifications etc.

  • Hamish
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    Re: Auckland Users Group Meetup Link to this post

    Hi all, a reminder that this is 1 week away. We've confirmed the first session, sign up now!


    Securing Your SilverStripe Website

    SilverStripe has an easy to use installer, but in many ways this isn't suitable for a production environment. In this session we'll discuss the issues of database & file security, what additional steps you should take for different environments, and understanding how not to break the security model.

    This impacts on all users of SilverStripe. Server administrators need to know how SilverStripe works in order to order to set up their servers securely. Developers need to know how to work within the security system, and managers and content owners need to understand what the limitations and risk are with any website.

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