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  • monn
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    Tiny MCE content CSS Link to this post

    Hi guys,

    I've had a search around for this, and while I've found information none of it seemed to either work or be applicable.

    All I want to be able to do is have 'typography.css' and 'layout.css' included in the content editor, Tiny MCE. Now from what i read this should happen by default, and is the intended usage, having these 2 CSS files included in both the content editor and the front end to maintain consistency.

    Before I understood this I removed some references to these files thinking i didnt need them, instead favouring my own naming/method for CSS. So the question is how do I get them back in the content editor? I thought they might have been magically included in the content editor when either doing the old style of CSS inclusion in a page type:


    or the newer way, <% require themedCSS(hiive) %>

    Neither of these seems to have any affect on whats included in to the content editor, so id assume there is a config file or sorts for tiny mce that controls this, I've looked but haven't found anything.


  • Devlin
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    Re: Tiny MCE content CSS Link to this post


    You might want to try:

    HtmlEditorConfig::get()->setOption('content_css',project().'/css/typography.css, '.project().'/css/layout.css');


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