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    Memory exhausted because of access rights Link to this post

    I have searched the forums and found many posts about memory exhaustion but none of them mention access rights. So here goes: when I try to log in to the CMS I get the following error (amounts and filename varies): "Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 83 bytes) in /var/silverstripe/sapphire/core/model/DataObject.php on line 2429". This only happens with a user that has the "Access to 'Site Content' (CMSMain)" permission and belongs to a security group that has edit rights to a page with a large amount of subpages. If I give the user full administrative rights or change the edit right to another page everything works fine. If I change the memory limit to 250MB the user can log in but it takes 30 seconds for the admin page to load (profile attached). The problem seems to get worse as the site grows bigger.

    The site runs on silverstripe v2.3.3 on a linux server and uses several modules + Translatable for multilingual content.

    Hopefully someone can help to resolve this issue (I don't consider upping the memory limit a long-term solution).

    // Magnus

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