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  • vovanbo
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    sitetree_link shortcut return wrong link (SS 2.4) Link to this post

    My base url is "". Site tree looks like this:

    home (id=1)
    --- good (id=2)
    ------ article1 (id=4)
    ------ article2 (id=5)
    --- bad (id=3)
    ------ article1 (id=6)
    ------ article2 (id=7)

    When i use sitetree_link id=4 on page "good", SilverStripe return link with href="/silverstripe/home/good/article1". But it's wrong, because expected href is "/home/good/article1", or even "".

    On now moment i have next situation. I need to get complete url in javascript using jQuery. But in this code:

    var completeURL = jQuery('base').attr('href') + page;

    where 'page' is href of current link (ex. '/silverstripe/home/good/article1'), variable completeURL take value ''.

    Can anybody help me to solve a riddle?

    Thanks in advance.

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