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  • gman
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    Solved: Editor not loading editing CSS (editor.css) Link to this post

    I had installed my themes incorrectly so the editor did not load the editor.css file. I have installed the themes correctly and now the editor loads the editor.css file.
    I added some additional themes. I copied the editor and typography css files from the default themes to the added themes in the css folders. I can't get the editor to load the styling classes from the added themes, I can only load editing styles from the default themes blackcandy and tutorial. Anyone else have this problem? I've flushed the cache several times, didn't help.

  • Bambii7
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    Re: Solved: Editor not loading editing CSS (editor.css) Link to this post

    Took me a while to understand how this was happening. Basically if you have a editor.css file in the theme SS admin will pick up on this and load it.
    If you look at the blackcandy editor.css file you'll see @import "typography.css";
    But you can just code the styles directly in there. You'll need to make sure Layout.css also has the same styles to be rendered on the front end.

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