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  • joe_m
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    Specific TinyMCE config for Page Types Link to this post

    15. June 2009 I updated my local test system to SS 2.3.2 rc3. Since this update tinymce.template.js seems useless. Currently you implemented a PHP-based solution for configuring tinymce and also to put in different configurations. My short and simple (may be silly but I don't find the way) questions are:

    1. Where (in my code ...) do I have to implement the configuration(s) via HtmlEditorConfig::get('foo')->setOptions().../or such? Possible in mysite/_config.php??
    2. Where do I have to switch to my config via HtmlEditorConfig::set_active('foo') if I want to set it page-type-specific? LeftAndMain.php resets it to HtmlEditorConfig::set_active('cms'), so my switching obviously makes no sense or got overwritten!?
    3. Where can I put my additional js-code for special tinymce-callbacks (tinymce.template.js was so a nice place), so that it gets loaded?

    Sorry if my questions sounds silly. I'm a newbe

  • rndmerle
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    Re: Specific TinyMCE config for Page Types Link to this post


    I'd really like, too, to know where I should tweak/configure tinymce now.


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