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  • alirobe
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    Potential features: 'import external image' and/or 'site-wide find/replace'? Link to this post

    I'm currently in the remarkably boring process of copying/pasting a very large, very nice, 'fairly valid' XHTML site over to Silverstripe, and it occurs to me that one button I could really use is a 'copy image to local server' button. I've copied and pasted content from the live website (which you can see here FWIW) and it's littered with little images which are all pointing to the live site via absolute links. If I could quickly go into image properties and copy the image across to the assets folder, that would be a really, really neat time saver.

    An alternative to this would be a HTML sub-folder-wide/site-wide find & replace function (perhaps in batch actions?).

    I suspect I will wind up doing a MySQL hack job, but it occurs to me that it would be nice to provide these sorts of interfaces for people - especially when you consider the revision control. Unfortunately, I'm a relative newcomer to PHP/Sapphire/SilverStripe (loving it!), and I don't have anything like the skills required to take this on myself. So I thought I'd throw the idea out there. Your thoughts?

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