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  • MikeOne
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    Feature Request - allow delete of erroring page Link to this post

    Hi all,

    Not sure where else to do this. As I'm just discovering SS and therefore are 'hacking' quite a lot, it sometimes happen that I add a new Page Type and make a mistake in such a way that the DB build goes OK, the pagetype shows in the CMS but still has an error.

    If this happens, the error (for one) in the CMS opens in a javascript popup that is usually so large that you can't see the whole trace anyway (would also be handy to come up with something else for this..). The biggest problem however is that the Page that you have added (and lives in the Site tree of the CMS) is impossible to delete. So my feature request is -> Allow a page to be deleted without the need to actually open it (as this fails anyway). Easy solution would be to add a 'Delete Page' option in the right-click context menu inside the sitetree.

    Makes sense? Or are there maybe other (existing) ways of doing this?


  • infoclipper
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    Re: Feature Request - allow delete of erroring page Link to this post

    I would like this/like to know how to do this as well (short of going into the DB itself).

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