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  • Pike
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    Menu(2) reordering for NewsPage Link to this post

    How Can I change sort ordering (Sort='Desc') for Newspage.ss.

    This working after click on "Novinky" ("News") menu item (image good.jpg):

    class Page_Controller extends ContentController {
       public function init() {
          global $project;
          if ( $this->ClassName == 'NewsHolder' || $this->ClassName == 'NewsPage' ) {

    function ChildrenResorted( $field = 'Sort', $so = 'DESC' ) {
        return ( $this->Children()->Count() ? $this->Children()->sort( $field, $so ) : $this->Parent()->Children()->sort( $field, $so ) );

    This not working after click on item on item (normal Sidebar.ss ) under parent menu "Novinky" ("News") (image bad.jpg):
    Items in Sidebar.ss (Children) are sorted by default.
    Why? Where can I resort Menu(2) items before it shows?

    Help me somebody, please?

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