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    Product categories page with thumbnails linking to their pages Link to this post

    Hi, I'm a graphic/webdesigner (I code xhtml/css and I slightly programmed c++ in the past), and I decided to use SilverStripe on a project with a client. I'm quite new to this, I skinned simple wordpress sites in the past, but this site will be quite simple and up to now I could manage almost everything with the standard installation of SilverStripe and the tutorials.

    There's however one thing that I'd like to do in a more fashionable way. This client has some Products, that will be presented in a Products page on its own. This page will have subpages, representing the products families, and each of this page will have subpages for every single product. There aren't many products, just 50 in total. An example of the site-tree is in the attached menu.png.

    What I would like to do is, instead of having just a generic product page with the menu on the sidebar, to put a grid with images of the products families (2nd menu level), linking to the corresponding pages (in this case we would have two thumbnail, one linking to "materassi" and the other one to "doghe", each of this will have a standard subpages menu in the sidebar.

    What should I do to achieve this in the most simple way for me and for the client? The *roughest* way to do this, thinking not like a programmer, is to simply set up an html table in the product page, and manually inserting a thumbnail linking to the product family. But could I do it better?

    Thanks in advance

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