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  • NtM
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    URL parameters: How to get 'Action'-parameter Link to this post


    I have a problem with URL parameters.

    Here is my function in the page control:

    function getAction() {
          $URLParams = Director::URLParams();
          $Action = $URLParams['Action'];
          return $Action;

    in my template I have next line: <p>Action = $getAction</p>

    My URLs are www.mysite.com/pageName1/getNews1 and www.mysite.com/pageName1/pageName2/getNews1

    I need $getAction to return value 'getNews1' in both cases.

    Right now those URLs show me a message 'Sorry, it seems you were trying to access a page that doesn't exist. Please check the spelling of the URL you were trying to access and try again.'

    I guess that CMS is trying to find a page with URl pageName1/getNews1 or pageName1/pageName2/getNews1.

    It doesn't understand that 'getNews1' - is not a page, but it is a parameter 'action'

    Please help!

  • wainui
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    Re: URL parameters: How to get 'Action'-parameter Link to this post

    any luck? having a similiar problem..
    wondering if I need to add something to director?

  • biapar
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    Re: URL parameters: How to get 'Action'-parameter Link to this post

    A my example:

    function order($request) {
    echo Director::absoluteBaseURL();
    echo "Order ID " . $request->param('ID');
    echo "Ordine Inserito : ";

    with print_r and echo you can read value.

    And link checkpay/order/24/demovalue?flush=1

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