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    SS_Report + getReportField Link to this post


    I'm trying to use getReportField to display a ComplexTableField but i'm having a very hard time figuring out how to do it.


    * An extension to {@link SSReport} that allows a user to view all, booked, and not booked reports

    *Gets all Rental Requests
    class AllRentalRequestReport extends SS_Report {
          function title() {
             return 'All Rental Requests';
          function description() {
             return 'All Rental Requests';
       function getReportField(){
          $CTF = new ComplexTableField(
                'All Rental Requests Report',
                $fieldList = array(
                   'ID' => 'ID',         
                   'FirstName' => 'First Name',
                   'LastName' => 'Last Name'
          return $CTF;


    BookingFormSubmission is a class that has several fields, nothing more

    * Custom class used to process Booking request form

    class BookingFormSubmission extends DataObject {
             static $db = array (
                'FirstName' => 'Text',
                'LastName' => 'Text',
                'Email' => 'Text',
                'PhoneNumber' => 'Text',
                'ArrivalDate' => 'Text',
                'DepartureDate' => 'Text',
                'Guests' => 'Text',
                'AdditionalQuestions' => 'Text',
                'Booked' => 'Boolean'


    I can't get the ComplexTableField form to show up in the CMS. I believe I am doing something wrong with the ComplextableField constructor but just not sure how to make it work correctly. Any guidance would be nice.

    I've already tried looking at
    http://doc.silverstripe.org/complextablefield and http://doc.silverstripe.org/complextablefieldexamples but still confused.

    Thank you

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