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    SS2.4 Custom Reports Link to this post

    I had some custom reports in 2.3 and now in 2.4 they no longer work I have found most of the changes in the updated SS_reports class however when I override getReportField() with out inheriting the parent data nothing is displayed.

    The following just displays no form at all the report just has the title and description of the report.

    function getReportField() {
          $fields = Contact::$table_overview_fields;

             $table = new ComplexTableField(
    $table->Markable = true;
    $table->showPagination= false;

             'Created' => 'Date'
           'Surname' => 'Surname',
           'FirstName' => 'First Name'
          $table->csvHasHeader= true;
          return $table;
    function getCustomQuery() {
                //buildSQL($filter = "", $sort = "", $limit = "", $join = "", $restrictClasses = true, $having = "")
             $query = singleton('Contact')->buildSQL('', 'Contact.Surname DESC');
             $query->groupby[] = 'Contact.Created';
             return $query;

    Any help or advise would be great.

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