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  • mattconfusion
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    getCMSActions not working Link to this post


    I followed advices and how to's here about adding buttons and functions inside the cms. What i want to do is basically copy values from a set of dataojbects and create a new set of data objects using those values, as a duplication.
    So i used getCMSactions. I set up in my page type a function like this

    function getCMSActions(){

    $actions = parent::getCMSActions();
    $Action = new FormAction("doAction", "Import values");

    return $actions;

    Then I created a CMSActionDecorator.

    class CMSActionDecorator extends LeftAndMainDecorator {

    function doAction(){
          $id = (int)$_REQUEST['ID'];
          $thisPage = DataObject::get_one('MyPage', 'ID ='. $id);
          $group = DataObject::get_one('MyPageGroup', 'ID =' . $thisPage->ParentID);
          $generalvaluespage= DataObject::get_one('GeneralValuesPage', 'Name = ' .$group->Title);
          $dataObjectToBeDuplicated = DataObject::get('DataObjectToBeDuplicated' , "CategoryID =". $generalvaluespage->ID);
          foreach($dataObjectToBeDuplicated as $do){
             $newDataObject = new MyDataObject;
             $newDataObject->Value1 = $do->Value1;
             $newDataObject->Value2 = $do->Value2;
    FormResponse::status_message(sprintf('All good!'),'good');
    return FormResponse::respond();

    Then I added the extension line on _config as usual: Object::add_extension('CMSMain', 'CMSActionDecorator');
    THis is not working. An error messagge inside the CMS says "SERVER ERROR". If i erase eveything except the request lines, it seems to be workin (no error messages, just the All Good green one). Anyone has clues?
    I used this tutorial http://www.ssbits.com/adding-a-cms-action-the-slightly-hacky-way/

  • mattconfusion
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    Re: getCMSActions not working Link to this post

    I've discovered a couple of mistakes. Still not working. The wrong part is actually the part in which I try to access the dataobjects, the dataobject ceration itself works. I can avoid the first Get, since having the ID of the page I can even have in the same way the ParentID. so:

    function doAction(){
          $id = (int)$_REQUEST['ID'];
          $parentid = (int)$_REQUEST['ParentID'];

    What is not working is the DataObject::get or get_one part that acts on the pages (I know because i've made lots of tests). The get or get one is working only if no where conditions are inserted? why??

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