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  • chrclaus
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    Dropdownbox for pagetypes in CMS is not working properly Link to this post


    I noticed, that the dropdownbox including the pagetypes in the CMS is not filled correctly if I want to create a new page. This dropdownbox is listening to a selection-changed-event on the sitetree only if it is visible. If this box is hidden, the tree-change-event is not handled.

    By selecting another sitree-node - if the dropdownbox is not visible, and afterwards click on "Create new page" - the dropdownbox is showing the allowed page types from the sitetree object before. If I just click at another sitetree-node, the box is filled correctly. This bevaviour is because of the fact, that the dropdownbox is handling the selection-changed-events after it was made visible the first time only.

    By hiding the page-type selection the event-binding is removed. Therefore, the page-type selection shows the allowed page-types from the last selected sitetree node the next time it will be made visible. Is there any reason for it, especially a detailed functional oder technical reason or is it a bug?

    I changed the code in that way, that the event registration is done during initialization and not after the first onclick-event and that the event-registration-removal is never done anymore.

    Best regards,

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