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  • landyman
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    Auto Add new pages Link to this post

    Hello -
    I am not sure if I can do this, so I thought I'd ask here.
    I want the CMS to be able to add a Page automatically when other pages are added and certain conditions are met.

    For example:
    I have pages that include data for a city and state. I have city and state pages that act as directories for these products. Is there a way that I can add a page, have the CMS check if that city and state already exists, and if it doesn't, then add pages for the city and state? That way, a default one can be made, but a user can go and edit content for that city later if they want.

    Thanks in advance!

  • swaiba
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    Re: Auto Add new pages Link to this post


    I'd recommend overriding onAfterWrite function Page that you are adding, then that can call a function like the following to create the page if "certain conditions are met"... and make sure that the page has not already been created is one of those conditions

       function makePage($pg,$URLSegment,$Title,$strContent,$bShowInMenus,$bShowInSearch,$iParentID=-1)
          $pg->URLSegment = $URLSegment;
          $pg->Title = $Title;
          $pg->MenuTitle = '';
          $pg->Content = $strContent;
          $pg->MetaTitle = '';
          $pg->MetaDescription = '';
          $pg->MetaKeywords = '';
          $pg->ExtraMeta = '';
          $pg->ShowInMenus = $bShowInMenus;
          $pg->ShowInSearch = $bShowInSearch;
          $pg->HomepageForDomain = '';
          $pg->ProvideComments = '';
          $pg->Sort = '';
          $pg->HasBrokenFile = false;
          $pg->HasBrokenLink = false;
          $pg->Status = '';
          $pg->ReportClass = '';
          $pg->CanViewType = 'Anyone';
          $pg->CanEditType = 'LoggedInUsers';
          $pg->ToDo = '';

          if ($iParentID!=-1)
             $pg->ParentID = $iParentID;


          $pg->publish("Stage", "Live");

          return $pg->ID;


       new Page(),

  • landyman
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    Re: Auto Add new pages Link to this post

    Perfect. Thanks! I haven't added all the code yet, but this is definitely enough to get me going.

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