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    Customizing CMS editor for specific sub-tabs Link to this post

    I'm currently working on a project that has a grid of four different colored boxes displaying on page. Through the controller, each one of the boxes is assigned an individual tab on the CMS ('Main', 'TanBox', 'RedBox', and 'BlackBox', respectively) so that the boxes could dynamically open or collapse depending on whether or not there was content in them. To give the CMS a more WYSIWYG feel, I modified the Editor.css and Typography.css to match the first box, and things worked well for the main HTML edit tab.

    Where I'm having trouble, is overwriting the Editor.css attributes to style the other tabs.

    What specific syntax is required to individually style, each of the tabs? I've tried specifying through a variety of various classes, iframes, td's, and div's, but none are recognized.

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