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  • pingu
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    File Uploads and Asset Manager Link to this post

    So I'm trying to do something I thought was fairly uncomplex but as it turns out it's proving to be somewhat of a mission in SS, which is frustrating!

    - I have a register where users can upload their resumes via a front-end form, along with other data
    - A user can only have one resume file (rtf or doc)
    - If a user wants to upload a new file, the old file is removed/overwritten

    Now the site administrators need to be able to search through and download resumes from the back-end. They have a specific naming convention which will allow them to match resumes with their owners easily. I have the following issues:
    - Are there methods to overwrite/delete an existing asset?

    The whole point of this system is to minimize their workload, so they don't want to be going in and sifting through old/obselete CVs and deleting them.

    Would appreciate any feedback on the best way to achieve this.

  • pingu
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    75 Posts

    Re: File Uploads and Asset Manager Link to this post

    So I managed to get this working by borrowing the following from AssetAdmin:

    $file = DataObject::get_by_id('File', $delegatedata->CVID);

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