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  • landyman
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    Admin UI Speed Link to this post

    Hello -
    I've tried searching around on ways to speed up the Admin UI and have not been able to find anything. Does anyone have any tips?

    Some background on a site that could use this speed up:
    The client wanted everything in the Admin to be focused around Product. Basically, they add a Product into the admin, fill out all of the info, and everything on the site (including multiple page types/templates) is populated. The Product has several tabs, all with several fields and several has_many fields. This presented the problem that when you click on a product, the UI for that product takes a long time to load. The client doesn't have a great computer, and switching to a faster browser like Chrome also hasn't yielded the greatest performance increase.

    I was hoping to see if there were ways to serve up cached data to the admin, or cut down on the AJAX/JavaScript used in the admin as I think those would be the best speed increases.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.


  • swaiba
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    Re: Admin UI Speed Link to this post

    Is this ModelAdmin?

    I had this issue for my has_one relations because whenever the form was loaded each of the 1000's of options were retrieved and formatted into dropdown field. I replaced them with readonlyfields and the slowness disappeared.

    For has_many or many_many I'd guess using DOM might help but I don't know.

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