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  • zenmonkey
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    Image Field Not Showing Attached Image Link to this post

    I'm having a problem. I have multiple Images Attached to a DataObject and an onBeforeWrite that builds relation to the image file based on Data on DataObject. This all works fine. however the when I open the DataObject in ModelAdmin the attached images don't show up in the ImageField. The images IDs associate properly as I'm using a custom getter for the Summary FIelds and I can see the images with it.

    Has One Relation:

       static $has_one = array (
          "FrontWeb_Image" => "BetterImage",
          "BackWeb_Image" => "BetterImage",
          "FrontHi_Image" => "BetterImage",
          "BackHi_Image" => "BetterImage",

    Custom Getter for Summary Field:

       public function getSummaryImage() {
          if ($this->FrontWeb_ImageID) {
             $image = DataObject::get_by_id("File", $this->FrontWeb_ImageID);
             return $image->setWidth(100);
          } else {
             return "No Image Available";   

    BetterImage is just an image quality function based on http://www.ssbits.com/tutorials/2011/improving-image-quality-by-preventing-correctly-sized-images-being-resized/

    The Thumbnails do show if I manually add the image from the ImageField.

    If this is impossible another option I'm willing to use is listing the images in a CompositeField but custom getters won't work inside the getCMSFields function.

    Thanks for any help

  • monk
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    Re: Image Field Not Showing Attached Image Link to this post

    $image = DataObject::get_by_id("File", $this->FrontWeb_ImageID);
    return $image->setWidth(100);

    instead $image->setWidth(100); use getFormattedImage() like so:

    return $image->getFormattedImage('SetWidth', 100);

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