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    Unpublished site viewable on frontend Link to this post

    OK, this may sound stupid at first (mby), but let me explain.
    I am using a blog module for news section, and have to extend it. I have done most of the changes required it to function as a news section, and atm it is looking fine.
    Now my boss asked me to find a way to do the following:
    The writer writes a news(new blog entry) and instead of publishing it he should just be able to create it (so it's a new page, saved, but not published). The editor should be able to view that page frontend and be able to edit it (so basically retain all the functionalities as if the page was published), but none of the other ppl should be able to see the page.
    Then, after editing it frontend (never having to go to /admin) and saving the changes he can publish it.
    I don't know how to do this... Can unpublished sites be viewed in frontend at all? how to accomplish this? Also if that is possible how to add a publish button with every new news that would disappear once the news is published?
    I was thinking of adding an extra checkbox that would be viewable only by editors (permission) and then place an if function, sth like (if (viewable || checkbox) ... ) but my boss says that is a workarround and he isn't prepared to give in to it unill we know for sure publish function cannot be used as described.

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