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  • leafchild
    Community Member
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    CMS- Security group is not workig Link to this post

    I edit CMS to add some list like this:

    In this tutorial, using dataobject relationship management to add student, also can edit and delete them after they created new student.

    I have some security group (Security tab on CMS) and I am Super Admin:
    Super Admin
    Content Authors
    etc, etc

    I thought the everything was working fine. Actually functionality it is working.
    However, other security group (Moderator, Content Authors) other than Super Admin try to add/edit/delete,
    they can't do anything. Only they can do is just view the list.
    When Moderator login and check the list delete icon, edit icon are gray out and can not be clicked, and also can't enter any value to create new student.

    I don't think the security setting working properly.
    Only Super Admin is able to edit this list.
    Moderator group have only unchecked "Full administrative rights" still can't edit this list.

    anybody have some idea?


  • martimiz
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    Re: CMS- Security group is not workig Link to this post

    Just to make sure I get this right: when a moderator logs in, and then in the SiteTree selects, say, a Mentors page, he/she cannot edit the CompleTableField of students? Or save/delete/edit the page itself?

    And you are sure every checkbox in the Moderator's security group 'Content permissions' section is definitely checked?

  • leafchild
    Community Member
    41 Posts

    Re: CMS- Security group is not workig Link to this post

    Moderator can't do anything to the page.

    At security group, all list is checked except "Full administrative rights"
    but moderator still can't edit anything. I mean moderator can edit page but can't add, edit, update and delete students.

    How can I fix this?

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